I am always asking myself, Habitat vs. Heal’s vs. Oliver Bonas, which is the overall best shop for design? It’s a tough decision, and I try not to be too biased towards the company I work for! Habitat is well-known for being the shop which changed the way people saw their houses, being set up in 1964 by Terence Conran to bring affordable, modern design into post-war homes. With such a huge history behind it, I’m so glad the company seems to be flourishing again these days and hasn’t fully disappeared from our high streets. As Habitat is now owned by Sainsbury’s (who also own Argos), there’s now mini stores located in several Sainsbury’s and Argos stores around the country. So their designs are thankfully easier to get hold of now! However, visiting their Tottenham Court Road flagship store and Heal’s next to it is one of my favourite things to do when I’m in London. I also recently came across the beautifully modern Finchley Road store, which is definitely worth a visit – I got too overwhelmed because there were so many things I wanted!

Their fun new collection features, in true Habitat style, the use of vibrant colours, beautiful mid-century inspired furniture, abstract ceramic vases and mugs, geometric printed rugs, modernist lighting and I’ve noticed the trend of illustrated facial features and expressions being used on a lot of their products. Here’s some of my favourite items right now (I do not hold the copyright to any of these images, see more at habitat.co.uk):

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