End of Year Review

It’s New Year’s Eve and I’m sat at home with a throbbing headache, terrible cough and my cats are hiding away from the fireworks…so it’s probably a good time to rest and write a blog post. I’m still shocked at how successful my little business has been this past month – it’s been my busiest time by far! Two Christmas fairs at the beginning of the month saw lots of lovely people going home with my products, and then with a last-minute rush of Etsy buyers, I was working right up until the last day of Christmas post collections to get everything ready in time. It’s a nice thought that all these people around the country chose to give my earrings as presents.

Midway through the year, I purchased some Fimo polymer clay for the first time. I wanted to be more experimental with the shapes of earrings I was making and there’s not really any limits to what you can create with clay. Things were a bit shaky to begin with, but then I soon realised the shapes don’t need to be perfect. The first pair I made were custom for a friend and I’ve since made more custom pairs (something I love doing)! In the new year I plan to get even more experimental with geometric shapes, my use of colour and the way I paint the patterns. I’d also like to branch out from just jewellery to creating small ceramic pieces for the home.

I think I’ve pretty much achieved everything I wanted to achieve this year! Next year, the focus will be on improving my Etsy shop with updating with more products and photographs, and getting a full-time design job on the side of my personal work! Oh, and getting back into my print design work a bit more. I’ve got an exciting little project I’m currently working on so that’ll be shared this Spring!

In the meantime, here’s a selection of the ceramic earrings I’ve recently made:

(Happy New Year)!

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