Christmas Cards

Remember when everyone used to give each other Christmas cards? What happened to that? Is it only the older generation now who are keeping the tradition alive? I personally love choosing or designing, writing, giving and receiving them. For the past two years I was creating and selling handmade collaged cards at Christmas but this year I decided I wanted to do something inspired by all the photos I’ve taken over the years – or more specifically, photos of my cats. I love my cats. I decided to create illustrations of my wonderful current two, Tilly and Mischa, and Jasper, who was a huge part of the family and passed away 6 years ago.

You’ll be able to spot glimpses of my pattern designs within the background of each design. The set of 3 cards are available here, or you can pick them up from Berylune in Leamington Spa, Etsy Made Local Christmas Fair at Brewdog, Leicester (2nd December) or Realms of Rummage Christmas Fair at The Cookie, Leicester (10th December). Perfect for all your feline loving friends and family!

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