Dusen Dusen

Dusen Dusen are one of those companies who are just doing everything right. Slightly similar to Atelier Bingo in style but with a focus on clothing and homeware, they’re known for their bold prints, a fun use of colour and simple, modernist silhouettes. The company was founded by Ellen Van Dusen and is based in Brooklyn, NY (what a dream). With the use of contrasting shapes, scale, movement and colour within their print designs, it’s easy to see how much of an influence fine art has had. The company was originally just fashion-based and then Dusen Dusen Home was introduced in 2015 – new collections are brought out each season. There’s even a funky collection of classic shirts for men, in collaboration with Ddugoff. I’d love to get my hands on one of their beautiful bedding sets for my future house (see perfect example below)!

Visit dusendusen.com for their shop and more inspiring looks (I do not hold the copyright to any of these images).

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