Camille Walala

I remember coming across Camille Walala through Instagram a few years ago, just after I’d discovered The Memphis Group, and every project she’s created has completely wowed me ever since. Scrolling through her posts always fills me with so much inspiration and enthusiasm to keep up my design work. The influence of 1980s postmodernist design (specifically Nathalie du Pasquier) is very apparent, whilst I can also see the bold colours of Mondrian’s paintings and African textile designs have made an impact on her work.

A graduate in Textile Design, Camille shows just how versatile the degree can be – she seems to have gone down every route possible with her designs. Her popularity has risen from the many outdoor mural paintings she’s created on buildings around the world, but her designs have since been used for clothing, accessories, phone covers, homeware, etc. I recently got excited to find one of her rugs in Heal’s department store in London. I hope to one day have my designs used across a whole array of items like this!

Visit Camille’s Instagram and for more of her wonderful work (I do not hold the copyright to any of these images).

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